Terms and Conditions

    1. OutdooRocks is an online Booking service that aims to promote Adventure Sports Activities in Portugal. Tiago Miguel Justino Vasco, ENI operates the site.
    2. OutdooRocks provides a technical service, by connecting users searching for adventure sports experiences, and certified professionals that organize and operate such adventure sports experiences, in an independent manner from OutdooRocks and Tiago Miguel Justino Vasco.
    3. The Site only goal is to promote Adventure Sports activities and provide a professionally managed online platform that connects Users, Partners and Customers.
    4. Through the Site https://outdoorocks.com, OutdooRocks wants to provide:
      1. To Partners an online tool to promote and schedule Adventure Sports Activities, organized by them.
      2. To Users and Customers, the opportunity to Search, Book, and Purchase such Activities.
    5. OutdooRocks operates exclusively as an agent and does not take part in the contract created between Customers and Partners celebrated through the Site referred on point 1.4 of the current Terms of Use.
    1. The Terms of Use here described, apply to the usage of the website, https://outdoorocks.com/.
    2. The Terms of Use, regulate the use of the Platform and the Booking process. The Terms of Use, do not apply to the execution of the Bookings made available by Partners.
    3. Independently of the nature of site User or its purpose, the Site usage and Booking process require the approval of the Terms of Use here described.
    4. Through the Acceptance of the Terms of Use, all Users confirm the understanding and agreement with the Terms of Use here described.
    1. Hereinafter, the terms and expressions present with Capital letter are understood as the following, independently of being used in the Singular or Plural.
      1. “Activity” – Will be understood as the experience made available, in the site organized and fulfilled by the Partner.
      2. “Content” – Will be understood as the information, text, images, comments and all the elements that the User can access in the site.
      3. “Contract” – Will be Understood as the contract celebrated between Partner and a Customer through a Booking of an Activity, recurring to the Service provided in this Platform, under the Terms of Use described in this document.
      4. “Customer” – Will be understood as the User of the Platform, that celebrates a contract with a Partner when Booking and Activity.
      5. “Terms of Use” – Will be understood as the described terms in this document and the adjustments made in the future.
      6. “Participant” – Will be understood as the Person participating in the Activity Reserved through the Platform. The Participant may or not be a Customer as well.
      7. “Partner” – Will be understood as the person or company, using the Platform to make available their Activities to the Customers and Participants.
      8. “Platform” – Will be understood as the Site https://outdoorocks.com/ also, subsequent pages registered in the same Domain made available through Internet Access.
      9. “Booking” – Will be understood as the Contract between Partner and Customer, that described the Activity, and the elements acquired through the Platform.
      10. “Service” – Will be understood as the service offered by the Platform, of connecting the Partner and Customer, User and Participant as described in the preamble.
      11. “User” – will be understood as the person or company using the platform, independently of the original purpose. Customers and Partners registered are both Users.
      1. The Platform offers an agency Service between Customers and Partners.
        1. The Service provided to Partners is the development of the online Activity display, Maintenance of Product Page, Acceptance, and Approval of Bookings, Payment Solution management, Returns Management and Complaint Management.
        2. The Service provides to Customers access to Activities Information, Customer Service, and a safe payment solution for Bookings.
      2. By making an Activity Booking with a Partner, the Customer celebrates a contractual bond with the Partner. This Contract is validated when the Partner accepts the Activity Booking.
      3. After an Activity Booking, the Service provided by OutdooRocks is only of an intermediary between the different parts involved. OutdooRocks does not take any future responsibility in the relation created between all the elements.
      4. OutdooRocks does not take any responsibility for any agreements made between Client or Participant and Partner.
      5. OutdooRocks is not responsible for any failure to meet the Service fulfillment or damages, incurred from the contract created in the clause 4.1.1.
      6. It is up to each Customer to accept the agreements made with the Partner, independently and assuming all the responsibility related to such contracts.
      7. The Partner will be the only one responsible towards the Customer or Participant, to organize and fulfill the Booking Activity as described in the Platform. OutdooRocks does not have any responsibility for providing the Booked Activity.
    1. The Users can only create and maintain one active account in the Platform, for personal use. The User needs to complete the registration with authentic and truthful information. The User is responsible for updating and adjusting the information submitted to the Platform.
    2. As part of the account details, the User can Save, Edit and Eliminate all the personal information made available. The User is exclusively responsible for the account settings.
    3. The User when registering in the platform needs to create a password, maintain it safe and not share it with anyone. The User is responsible for keeping the password secure.
    4. OutdooRocks will assume that any person using the Platform, using the registration of a User, is the User.
    5. The platform allows the User to make a Booking without an account. If the User makes a Booking, OutdooRocks will create an account, based on the information given for the Booking.
    6. A User cannot transfer, sell, combine or share an account with others.
    7. Any violation of the Terms of Use, including and without limitation, the failure to maintain the account or update personal details, can be a reason for OutdooRocks to cancel the account.
    8. If a User cancels an account, he may lose access to any benefits or Bookings not used.
    9. If an account is canceled, the Terms of Use are still valid. These Terms of Use will regulate any Booking that took place before, or to take place in the future.
    10. OutdooRocks reserves the right to change or alter any feature of the Service provided at any time, including the Terms of Use.
    11. Any User making a Booking in the Platform is required to have more than 18 years old at the date of booking.
    1. Every booking processed via the Platform follows these steps.
      1. The Customer submits a Booking request for an Activity, in fixed date, for a determined amount of Participants. At this stage, the Customer is required to supply the necessary information to the Platform and Partner to consider the Booking.
      2. The Customer will give the necessary information for the payment validation to be pre-authorized, via the safe payment service used by the Platform.
      3. The Platform will inform the Partner of the reservation via email, text message or phone call. The Partner has as 48h to accept or reject the Booking.
      4. If the Booking is accepted, The Partner and the Customer form a legally binding Contract. When the Partner agrees with the Booking, the Platform will charge the payment pre-authorized in section 6.1.2.
      5. We inform the Customer immediately of the confirmation, via the contact details (email or Phone Number) registered in section 6.1.2.
      6. If a Partner does not accept a Booking, OutdooRocks will cancel the payment and pre-authorization, no contract is formed between Partner and Customer. The user will be informed of the Booking rejection via the contact details (email or phone number) registered as per section 6.1.2.
    2. When a Booking is canceled, OutdooRocks will suggest an alternative Date or Activity.
    3. OutdooRocks and Partners have the right not to accept a Booking.
    4. OutdooRocks reserves the right to require from the Customer a copy of a Personal Identity Card, Passport, or Proof of Address, while the Customer is processing a Booking.
    1. Except when OutdooRocks confirms otherwise, the following terms apply to all Bookings.
      1. A booking can only be used once unless stated otherwise in the Booking confirmation email.
      2. The Booking can only be used with the Partner registered during the Booking process.
      3. The Booking is valid for the number of Participants, time, date and local, in the confirmation mail.
      4. The Customer has to adhere to at all times to the instructions supplied during the Booking process.
      5. The Customer needs to show to the Partner, before the Booking takes place, a confirmation form.
      6. If the Customer does not use the Booking in the period established, the Booking will expire automatically. This Booking cannot be used in the future or refunded.
    2. If a Partner isn’t able to provide the Activity Booked as described, for unforeseen circumstances(Example: It implies a risk to the User or Partner Health), OutdooRocks will notify the Customer as soon as possible, through the personal details submitted in section 6.1.2.
    1. After the Partner confirms a Booking, the Customer can alter or cancel the Booking according to the following conditions.
      1. With more than twenty-one days before the scheduled date for the Activity, the Customer can Change or Cancel a Booking for a full refund.
      2. With more than seven days before the scheduled date for the Activity, the Customer can change the Activity or Date, according to the Partner availability.
    2. If a Customer wants to cancel a Booking, he can do so by contacting OutdooRocks through the phone +351 913 762 071 or via a contact form, or through the e-mail address: [email protected].
    3. If a Customer cancels a Booking, OutdooRocks will refund the amount paid within fourteen working days from the date that the Customer requested the refund.
    4. If a Customer uses the Booking, but in his view, the Partner did not fulfill the Booking as described, or if the Customer has a complaint to submit, this should be taken with the Partner in question.
    5. OutdooRocks only offers a Service to the Customer and not the Reservation. If a Customer and Partner aren’t able to achieve an agreement, we may intervene merely as a mediator.
    6. All Returns will be processed via the original payment method.
    7. If the original payment method was canceled, expired or changed, the Customer has to inform OutdooRocks immediately, via the phone +351 913 762 071 the contact form here or through the email address: [email protected].
    1. The Activities provided in the Platform are subject to external conditions out of the control of Partners and OutdooRocks, such as weather conditions. These can affect the safety and well being, and the ability to carry the Activity under these conditions.
      1. When a Partner isn’t able to fulfill the Booking made by the Customer, the Partner may alter the date or time to provide the best possible conditions to the Customer.
      2. The Customer will be informed of this as soon as possible, via the contact details submitted during the booking.
      3. OutdooRocks or the Partner is not responsible for any losses or damages suffered due to a cancellation of an activity.
    1. OutdooRocks will fulfill their obligations based on the Terms of Use of the Platform in a professional manner.
    2. OutdooRocks is not responsible for any damage or loss that the Participants, Customers or Partners may suffer including and not limited to indirect costs.
    3. OutdooRocks is not the legal body that regulates the Partners Activities. OutdooRocks is not responsible for the safety, quality or usability of any aspect of the referred Activity.
    4. OutdooRocks responsibility towards the Customer or Partner will not exceed the €300,00 (three hundred Euros).
    5. OutdooRocks only provides a technical Service connecting Users, Customers, and Partners.
    6. The Partners are the only ones responsible towards the Customer and Participants to provide the Booked Activity.
    7. OutdooRocks will not be responsible, partially or in full to organize the Activities from any Partner. This responsibility is exclusively attributed to each Partner.
    8. OutdooRocks will not be responsible for actions of Clients, Users, Participants or Partners during the Activity, Including and not limited to failing to fulfill the Activity Booked or inadequate Activity participation.

Customers and Participants, should not take action against OutdooRocks, regarding any Activity Execution, non-execution, or fail to execute a Booking.

    1. The risks underlined in each Activity, according to the Partner, are covered by the values required by law, these are the sole responsibility of each Partner to maintain.
    2. It’s the Partner responsibility to guarantee the applicability of the Insurances required by law.
    3. The existence of Insurance does not remove responsibility from the Customer and Participants, to adhere to at all times, the safety rules and instructions given by the Provider.
    4. The participation in the Activity, organized by the Partner, implies that all Participants and the Customer are aware of the risks related to the activity and accept them.
      1. OutdooRocks worries with its Users, Customers, and Partners and wishes to offer an excellent Service to all.
      2. Considering this, if any of the above parts wish to contact OutdooRocks in regards to the service provided, it should do so via:
        1. Email – [email protected]
        2. Written mail – Rua Capitão Salgueiro Maia N27 9B 2725-578 Mem Martins, Portugal
        3. Phone – +351 913 762 071
    1. Unless stated otherwise, any contact made with Partners or Users will be made in written via email or pre-paid mail (except legal notices).
    2. If any part of the current Terms of Use is considered invalid legally, all the other parts will not be affected by its applicability.
    1. Plagiarism is not accepted. All the Texts, Graphics, Data, Formatting, Paragraphs, Design, Code, Aspect, Photography, Music, Sound, Images, Software, Videos, or other Content, that the User, Partner or Customer, access or read on this website is OutdooRocks property or used with the owner consent, it’s protected in all its forms and the copy, download or reproduction without prior permission is strictly forbidden.
    1. OutdooRocks is committed to trying to resolve to the best of our abilities any dispute concerning the Terms of Use. If the User wishes to take legal action, this will have to be via the Portuguese Law, in Portuguese Courts.
    2. The contracts between Customers and Partners celebrated during a Booking process, will be regulated by the applicable law.