Surf in Porto - Group Lesson

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Duration: 1h30 – Level: Beginner to Advanced

Go Surf in Porto, ride some waves and learn or improve your surfing skills with this group class. Next to Porto city centre, this is the perfect adventure to defeat the routine and have fun with friends and family.

The Adventure

Take this class for Surfing in Matosinhos Beach in a Group, in Moderna Beach.

During this surf class, you will learn the basic elements of surfing, such as Paddling, Sitting and Standing on the Surfboard.

Depending on how fast you adapt to the surfboard, by the end of the first class, you should be able to stand on the surfboard and keep your balance for some time. Because standing on the surfboard with waves around is a lot harder than it looks, once
you get to stand up the first time, you will feel like you achieved the podium.

As you can imagine, a good balance ability is very important for surfing, however, the surfboards used in these classes provide more stability than regular boards. Because of this, it will be easier for you to get on the board.

A Safe Adventure

Before the beginning of each surf class, the instructor will explain to you the basic safety rules such as, how to fall on the water, keeping your surfboard under control and respecting other surfers.

For beginners, the classes normally take place closer to the beach, where you can still stand up in the sand, however, we recommend for you to have a basic swimming ability. Having a general sport’s ability will also help with your stamina.

This experience is recommended for participants older than 8 years.

Surf in Porto – Group Lesson

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